‘I have a 176 IQ’: Man claiming to be millionaire genius removed from JetBlue flight

Click to play video: '‘I have a 176 IQ’: Man claiming to be millionaire genius removed from JetBlue flight'
‘I have a 176 IQ’: Man claiming to be millionaire genius removed from JetBlue flight
WATCH ABOVE: Man claiming to be millionaire with genius IQ removed from JetBlue flight – Apr 14, 2016

**WARNING: Story contains profane language which may not be suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.**

Cellphone video captured the scene on a JetBlue flight from Long Beach, Calif., to Sacramanto April 8, as a group of passengers was removed after becoming belligerent with one another.

But not before one of the men openly and angrily bragged about his multi-million dollar net worth and genius-level IQ.

“I own six houses,” the man, later identified as 28-year-old David Brackett, shouts at another passenger. “I have a 176 IQ. I’m 28 years old and I make four million dollars. What the f*ck do you do?”

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JetBlue Flight 266 was on the tarmac at Long Beach airport when the confrontation involving Brackett and two other passengers began.

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It’s not clear from the video what started the heated exchange, but Brackett said in a later interview that he overheard another passenger making racist remarks about a flight attendant of Middle Eastern descent having a bomb, and lost his temper.

“I lost it. I heard ‘bomb’ in my head and did what I did,” Brackett told CBS Los Angeles.

The fight quickly spread to other passengers sitting in first class, and an ugly shouting match developed as Brackett paced the aisles of the plane, demanding to be let off the flight.

At one point, the man sitting across from Brackett can be seen grabbing his cellphone, which only further escalated the confrontation.

“Sit down and stop being a jacka**!” the man angrily shouted at Brackett.

“Oh I’m sorry you’re not making as much as I am,” he responded. He then turned to the passenger recording the incident and threatened to sue her if she posted the video anywhere.

“Awesome Jay-Z!” the passenger sarcastically replied “Bye Felicia!”

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The plane was forced to return to the terminal as a result of the disturbance.

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Eventually, Air Marshals escorted Brackett off the plane but the confrontation doesn’t end there, as passengers then accuse the man sitting across from Brackett of being as involved in the incident.

All three men were eventually removed and taken to a Long Beach Police Department precinct, where they all tested as below the legal limit for alcohol. All three were then released.

Brackett told CBS News the outburst was a result of his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which he incurred as a result of a serious motorcycle accident a few years prior.

“I’m standing up for my mistakes,” Brackett said. “I’m not blaming anybody but myself for the actions that I did.”

Brackett added that his claims of both genius-level IQ and multi-million dollar net worth were exaggerated.

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