Alberta moves from record temperatures to more seasonal weather

For the first time since mid-February, Calgary is going to string together at least a week of single-digit daytime highs.

There were a few records broken on Saturday in Alberta, with regard to daytime highs. Coronation hit a high of 14.6°C, Drumheller topped out at 18.4°C, and Medicine Hat was almost 19°C.

Those temperatures were the warmest those towns and cities have been in at least 90 years. (Records were first collected between 1884 and 1923, depending on the location.)

Sunday was quite windy in southern Alberta ahead of incoming instability. There is a frontal system coming up from the Pacific that left much of southern British Columbia under snowfall warnings forecasting up to 15 to 20 centimetres of snow.

Depending on how that system will react with the mountains, parts of Alberta — including Calgary — may see some light snow or mixed precipitation Monday and Tuesday.

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Calgary has only had a measurable amount of snow eight days in 2016. If this were not a leap year, the city would not have recorded any snow for the entire month of February, and it has not had any so far in March.

The daytime highs are expected to fluctuate between 6°C to 8°C this week. While that is a far cry from setting any records, those temperatures are still warmer than expected. The average daytime high this time of year is 4°C.


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