Taylor Swift tribute band plays to growing ‘insanely dedicated fan base’ in Halifax

The Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift tribute show happens on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at The Marquee ballroom. Acadian Embassy/Facebook

Has it always been one of your Wildest Dreams to see Taylor Swift live in concert? To watch her Shake it Off and show off her great Style?

Well if you’re a Swiftie in Halifax this weekend, you’re in luck.

Acadian Embassy is putting on their third and biggest Taylor Swift night, Wildest Dreams, at The Marquee Ballroom and are expecting the same enthusiastic crowds to be there scream-singing the lyrics and even crying along with their favourite heartbreak anthems.

“I don’t know what it is but there’s an insanely dedicated fan base to her, like people were crying in the front row when we were playing some of these songs last time,” said Trevor Murphy, organizer of the event and musician in Quiet Parade, the main band that will be performing.

“The reaction was bananas the first time we did it,” Murphy said.

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Biggest show yet

What started as a one-off fun show that some friends put on has grown into a high-demand tribute event that keeps getting bigger as more fans come out to dance like they’re 22.

Their first event held at The Company House on Feb. 13, 2015 (informally known as “Galentine’s Day”), brought so much demand they sold out of tickets right away and had to add a second, earlier show on the same evening.

When it came time to hold a second night, they had to move the event to a larger venue — The Seahorse — and packed the room with Swift super-fans.

This time, they’re in an even bigger place and are putting on their first two-hour show with two sets of 13 songs.

“We’re really spanning the discography — we’re going way back to her first record for a couple songs, we’re playing a bunch from 1989 again of course,” Murphy said.

Murphy said they’ve got some Quiet Parade events looming on the horizon, so this may be the last Taylor Swift night for a while.

But although Taylor Swift belts out “We are never, ever, ever getting back together,” Murphy assures Swifties not to worry, more tribute shows in the future are definitely a possibility.

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The Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift tribute show happens on Saturday, March 5 at The Marquee Ballroom.

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