WATCH: Incredible shootout, police chase in Colombia captured on cop’s body camera

Click to play video: 'Shootout, police chase in Colombia captured on cop’s body camera' Shootout, police chase in Colombia captured on cop’s body camera
WATCH ABOVE: Body camera footage gives us incredible perspective as Colombian police confront alleged burglars. – Feb 25, 2016

It’s like something out of an action movie: police in Colombia exchange gunfire with a gang allegedly robbing a home, before a foot race leads to a tense, room-by-room search for suspects through a nearby house.

And thanks to one officer’s body camera, we are able to come along from the entire event, watching from the officer’s perspective as the dramatic situation unfolds.

Local media reports that police were called to a home in Barranquilla, Colombia, a city on the country’s northeast coast, on Wednesday afternoon after citizens called to report the house was being broken into.

Officers with the National Police Force’s dedicated Anti-Robbery Task Force arrived on the scene to find the alleged burglars trying to flee the scene in a taxi.

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Within seconds, shots ring out as the officers exchange gunfire with the suspects. While we see one suspect being subdued, the officer wearing the body camera begins a foot chase with another suspect, who flees into a nearby home.

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The officer whose perspective we share, but who’s identity is being withheld, begins a room-by-room search of the house, while the occupants cower in fear.

Eventually, the suspect who fled the initial gunfight is found on the back patio, and is arrested by multiple officers.

According to a press release from the Colombian National Police, a total of four men were eventually arrested.

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The men were allegedly “Apartamenteros,” a term in Colombia for a gang of armed thieves who stage violent home invasions and robberies.

WATCH: Incredible shootout, police chase in Colombia captured on cop’s body camera - image
Colombian National Police

Police say the men forced entry into the home, assaulted the two elderly residents, and locked them in the closet while they ransacked their belongings.

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The Anti-robbery Task Force was formed in part to combat the proliferation of “Apartamenteros.” They claim a 50 per cent reduction in the number of these types of crimes since the task force was formed last year.

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