Breakfast Buzz: Should we pay for plasma donations?

Blood and plasma bags are pictured at a blood collection centre. The federal NDP and Saskatchewan's health minister are at odds about paying for plasma donations. How do you feel?. Marion Berard / AFP / Getty Images

SASKATOON – A plasma donation centre that will pay its donors could soon open in Saskatoon. Canadian Plasma Resources is a private company that collects plasma in exchange for a $25 gift card, and would be the first of its kind in Saskatchewan.

Paying for plasma has already been banned in other provinces, but Saskatchewan’s health minister say’s he has no plans in doing the same. This concerns the federal NDP, who are calling on Ottawa to implement a national standard.

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Donating plasma takes about an hour-and-a-half, and can be done at a higher frequency than regular blood donation. Canadian Plasma Resources follows the same screening guidelines as Health Canada.

Right now Canada is not meeting its demand for plasma donation, and ends up importing 80 per cent from countries like the United States, where donors are paid.

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Critics are concerned that paid donations could lead to tainted plasma, or prey on those living in poverty.

What do you think? Is it OK to pay someone who donates plasma?

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