Norm Kelly goes ‘6Dad,’ befriends Drizzy, crowned Twitter king in 2015

2015 marked many firsts for Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly.

The first time his Twitter garnered international attention – which all started because of an online rap feud, of course.

The first time he met international rap star Drake, also known as “Drizzy, to his closest friends.”

And it was also the first time the 74-year-old used the words “GOAT,” “Sick,” “Dope,” “Woe,” and “Bae” in everyday conversations.

Global News sat down with the Twitter king and spoke about 2015 being “the year of the Norm.”

Norm’s favourite songs for 2015

Sitting in his office at city hall, with the colourful TORONTO sign as his backdrop, Kelly quietly hums lyrics of Drake’s popular album If you’re reading this, it’s too late.

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“[Drake] is very much a Toronto boy, Toronto artist, Toronto entertainer and I think he’s become the modern face of Toronto,” Kelly said.

Two of Kelly’s favourite songs for 2015 include Hotline Bling and Know yourself.

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“I know the song [Know yourself] through its line ‘running through the six with my woes,” he said.

“And Hotline Bling has captured a lot of attention – not only because of the song itself – but the video through which the song was presented, it’s quite different from a rap video.”

Kelly added Drake’s success has given Toronto an “exciting, cool dimension” that invites people to visit and invest in the city.

Norm’s most memorable moments of 2015

There is no doubt Norm took social media by storm in 2015.

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With over 211,000 followers and retweets that top 113,000, Kelly has been unofficially dubbed the “Twitter King” and among one of his most memorable moments include the tweet that started it all:

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill criticized Drake a week before appearing in Toronto and Kelly stood up for the Toronto-born rap star.

“I simply said you’re not welcome in Toronto and that exploded.”

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There was another series of tweets that garnered international attention and it all had to do with a dead raccoon.

“It was the death of a raccoon but this one took a special life of its own,” Kelly said.

“Torontonians began to create a memorial around it.”

Number three on Kelly’s most memorably moments was the highly anticipated, epic introduction to Drake himself.

Kelly was invited to a Ryerson University frosh event where Drake attended as a surprise guest.

“On stage with not only Future, but Drake himself,” he recalled.

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“That was something that was indescribable.”

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As for Kelly’s most memorable moment of 2015, well he says it was the birth of his two grandchildren.

“The births of a beautiful grandson, Ethan and a beautiful granddaughter Chelsea.”

Norm’s Five words for 2015

Kelly’s introduction into the millennial scene has broadened his knowledge of common pop culture words.

Here are five words Kelly learned in 2015:

“Bae” – Before All Else. Kelly said he had to speak with someone younger to find out its exact definition.

“Woe” – pulled from the common rap phrase “running through the six with my woes”. Kelly said he originally thought it was used to describe a state of grief.

“I thought it was your problems and you’re running and working them through,” he said.

Kelly later learned the term “woe” means good friend.

“Dope” “Sick” – traditionally regarded as negative personality attributes, in pop culture, it is a compliment to be referred to as “Dope” and “Sick.”

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“These are good things to have people call you,” Kelly said.

But nothing beats the 74-year-old’s number one word for 2015, GOAT.

No, it’s not a farm animal, Kelly learned. It is –in fact – an acronym, Greatest Of All Time.

“I was being referred to on Twitter as a goat and that took me aback,” Kelly said.

“I found out, to my delight, that ‘goat’ stands for Greatest Of All Time.”

Norm’s New year’s resolution

With tons to reflect on and many exciting adventures to come in 2016, Kelly said he has no plans to hold himself down to a New Year’s resolution.

“I used to make New Year’s resolutions like everybody else, and like most people, it was never fulfilled,” Kelly said.

“So this year, my resolution is not to have a resolution. I am going to let life unfold as it should.”

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