MP trading cards: Official Opposition Edition

Meet the Conservative shadow cabinet - in trading card form!.

MPs have returned to Parliament and lots of them have new jobs.

To introduce you to the Conservative Party’s shadow cabinet, we’ve put together a new set of our popular MP trading cards: this time, looking at the Official Opposition critics for various ministries.

Click on the card images below to see facts about each Conservative shadow cabinet member.

Want to download your own copy of these cards? Click here to download a high-resolution PDF (23.8 Mb) that you can cut out, fold, and glue or tape the edges together at home.

If that file is too big a download, click here for a low-resolution version (12.4 Mb).

And if you want to see our last set of trading cards, covering the Liberal cabinet ministers, click here.

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Graphics by Janet Cordahi, Global News.

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