California man builds 23-foot ‘Star Wars’ Christmas decoration

That’s no moon…it’s a Christmas decoration.

Well, actually, it’s a Halloween decoration. But Star Wars superfan Colby Powell has decided to let the massive, homemade Death Star he built on the roof of his Layfayette, California home stay up right through to the end of December – which also happens to be when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theatres.

“I was planning on taking it down the day after Halloween,” Powell told KTVU News. “But so many people said ‘I want to show my friends, I want to bring my neighbors over’ so I’m probably going to keep it up until mid-December.”

Powell said it took him three weeks to construct his technological terror using PVC pipe, some parachutes, and plenty of LED lights.

Standing at a remarkable 23 feet tall, the massive decoration nearly dwarfs his own home, and has drawn plenty of attention from his neighbours.

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“My neighbor across the street is an attorney and would never do something like this, but when he saw me working on it he said ‘This is incredible, how can I help?’” Powell said. “So yes, everyone has been really supportive.”

For those not familiar with Star Wars (and good on you for making it this far!), the Death Star is a massive space station capable of destroying entire planets. It has itself been destroyed twice in the Star Wars films – once by Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker, and again by Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian.

No word on whether Powell’s design also contains a small thermal exhaust port leading directly to the main reactor.