‘Controlling bodily fluids is being a parent’: Jamie Oliver on son Buddy’s infamous pee break

Any parent can relate – when your kid’s got to go, they really have to go.

British chef Jamie Oliver was filming a pizza making segment with his five-year-old son Buddy and six-year-old daughter Petal for his YouTube channel, when Buddy declared, “Dad, I need a toilet!”

Buddy runs outside and relieves himself in the garden while Oliver and his crew laugh over the sounds of a distinctive tinkling noise.

“That is my life right there. He’ll just sprinkle where he wants to!” says Oliver.

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The celebrity chef and father of four was on Global’s The Morning Show on Thursday and talked about how it was a glimpse of his reality as a parent.

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“Controlling bodily fluids is being a parent,” he said. “No one tells you that!”

Oliver said he kept the clip in the video because he knew that almost every parent could relate.

Oliver is currently on a book tour to promote his latest cookbook Everyday Super Food and will be opening his first restaurant in Canada this December at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall. His show Jamie’s Super Food airs Sundays on Food Network Canada.

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