Facebook adds filters to ‘On This Day’ feature to weed out sad memories

The new filters will allow users to block memories from certain people, or specific date ranges. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Facebook’s “On This Day” feature was designed to provide a nostalgic tug at the heartstrings by providing a glimpse into your social networking past.

But between showing awkward photos with exes, inside jokes with friends come and gone, or posts announcing the death of a loved one – the tool proved to be pretty depressing at times.

Facebook is now working to take some of the emotional stress off of its users by introducing filters that allow you to control what memories the feature digs up.

“On This Day was introduced as a way to make seeing and sharing old memories with your friends on Facebook easier. After it launched, we heard feedback that people wanted more control over the memories they see,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

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“We know that people share a range of meaningful moments on Facebook — from celebrating good times like a birthday to getting support in tough times like the passing of a friend or relative. As a result, everyone has various kinds of memories that can be surfaced—good, bad and everything in between. So for the millions of people who use On This Day, we’ve added these filters to give them more control over the memories they see.”

The new filters will allow users to block memories from certain people, or specific date ranges.

How to turn on filters for Facebook’s “On This Day” feature

So, let’s say you’re tired of seeing Facebook memories from your ex. To turn on filters for “On This Day,” log on to your Facebook account and scroll down to the “Apps” section, found on the left hand side of the homepage.

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Select “On This Day,” and then “Preferences.” You will then be able to search through your friends list to add people to your filter. You can also set specific date ranges to block memories from that time in your life.

Or, if you are depressed by all of your social networking past, you can simply disable notifications for “On This Day” altogether.

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