Donald Sutherland urges Canadian government to ‘take in refugees’

We caught up with Donald Sutherland at the world premiere of the Canadian western Forsaken on Wednesday and the legendary actor had an important political message to get across.

“If you see Hyena Road for example… the dismay, the regret, the anguish, you know… this country actually to be truthful, should not be over there,” he told us on the red carpet at Roy Thomson Hall.

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“We should be funding peace, we should be taking in refugees, we should be doing whatever we could to support governments that have been falling apart so that they can support their citizens,” Sutherland says of the Canadian government. “What are we doing? We’re sending in jets and… killing our kids.”

Watch the interview below.

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The veteran actor specifically mentions Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a Forsaken party hosted by Remy Martin, calling the Canadian leader a “gunslinger,” and with the upcoming election, adding, “we should really do our best to get rid of him.” Watch below.

Click to play video 'Donald Sutherland Calls Stephen Harper A Gunslinger' Donald Sutherland Calls Stephen Harper A Gunslinger
Donald Sutherland Calls Stephen Harper A Gunslinger