Life’s not so good for LG customer with broken TV, no warranty

TORONTO — For Gillian Figueira, Target Canada’s liquidation sale in early 2015 meant a brand new TV set at a price she could afford.

The sale couldn’t have come at a better time: Figueira’s old TV set had just called it quits. At $722.65 for a 60-inch, LG plasma monitor, it was a deal.

“I brought it home, and it worked really good. I was happy with it,” says Figueira, who lives in Scarborough on disability benefits.

But in August, satisfaction turned to frustration. The sound on the television set still worked, but she could not longer get a picture.

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LG dispatched an independent repair technician to Figueira’s home. He reported that the set couldn’t be repaired because parts were no longer available. But there was good news: the technician told LG she ought to be offered a new television and the company agreed. The LG television was still covered under a one-year warranty.

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There was just one problem: Figueira could not find her original receipt from Target. She hadn’t registered the warranty with LG. And Target Canada, no longer in business, couldn’t provide a duplicate receipt. According to LG’s policy, the receipt is required to prove she bought the television set. LG refused to accept copies of bank statements showing a debit purchase on February 28 for the amount of the purchase.

Figueira says she made several efforts to get a duplicate receipt from Target in Minneapolis, MN., but was told the company was no longer supporting Target Canada’s former operations.

“Their responsibilities with Canada, their business with Canada, is over,” Figueira said.

Figueira attempted to escalate her claim with LG managers through the company’s customer service line. Global News listened in to conversations with Figueira and representatives at LG’s call centre in the Philippines. One service representative told Figueira there was nothing more to do without the receipt.

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“That’s our policy and we cannot bend it,” said the LG representative who called herself Allie.

Global News contacted LG Canada. According to Albert T. Lee, brand and communications manager, “we will continue working with Ms. Figueira to try and reach a resolution.”

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Lee said Figueira could buy a discounted television if she wants.

“Consistent with LG’s Service policy, we were able to offer Ms. Figueira a credit towards the purchase of a new LG television,” said Lee.

Figueira was offered by call centre staff a 20 per cent discount on a new television without having to provide a receipt.

But she says she wants LG, whose motto is “Life’s Good”, to honour its warranty.

“I’m on disability, I cannot afford to buy a new TV every six months.”

With files from Sasha Campbell