Colbert asked Djokovic to fire a serve at him and had the best way to block it

Stephen Colbert asked tennis star Novak Djokovic – fresh off his U.S. Open grand slam win – to help him start Monday night’s show and you might get a kick out of how Colbert protected himself.

“Champion Novak Djokovic is going to fire tennis balls at me,” The Late Show host explained as he headed to the rear of the stage to retrieve a hidden object. “While I protect myself with Captain America’s shield.”

“In this scenario, I’m the new Captain America and you’re the captain of Hydra’s tennis team.”

‘Cap’ went on to ask the world’s top-ranked male player how hard his serve can be.

“130 miles per hour,” Djokovic replied. That’s 209 kilometres per hour.

The Serbian nailed Colbert with his first shot. And even though it looked like he took some steam off of it, that’s much better than having to look for a new Late Show host…again.