Peninsula Co-op to donate $30,000 to school after playground fund stolen

WATCH: Money for a Vancouver Island playground goes missing. Reporter Kylie Stanton has more on where it may have gone and the community effort to replace it.

Three days after parents of Keating Elementary school were told $40,000 had been stolen from a parent advisory council savings fund, the Central Saanich community has stepped up in a big way.

“It’s our neighbour,” said Penny Sopel of Peninsula Co-op, who announced today they would be giving a $30,000 donation.

“Our motto is giving back..and that’s what we want to do. We want to make sure the kids can go out and play and interact with each other and have fun like we’ve all done in the past.”

The savings fund was going to help pay for a new playground at the school, until it was stolen in July.

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Central Saanich police have been investigating, but no arrests have been made. They are, however, investigating the actions of a past member of the PAC executive.

“We’re following the trail now, and if we end up gathering evidence that leads us to an individual having broken the law, then that person is going to be held responsible,” said Chief Les Sylven of Central Saanich Police.

Parents were informed of the theft on Tuesday.

“I think the community obviously is shocked and extremely disappointed,” said Scott Stinson, School District 63 Assistant Superintendent.

“Once families come through the shock and disappointment of it, they will band together as they always have, and we’ll move forward in the best interests of kids and the school community.”