That’s a lot of dough! Calgary bakery searches for customer who left $525 tip

WATCH ABOVE: Did a kind customer leave staff at a Calgary bakery a big tip? Or was it a mistake? Online Reporter Melissa Ramsay reports.

CALGARY – Staff at a Calgary bakery are searching for a customer who left behind an enormous tip when paying for their purchase over the weekend.

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“Our service is good, but not that good,” said a post on Sidewalk Citizen Bakery’s Facebook page.

The customer left a $525 tip on Saturday, when paying with an RBC debit card.

Staff at the eatery don’t believe the gigantic tip was intentional, and are seeking to locate the customer.

“We called the credit card company who could not refund it since it’s a debit,” said the company’s Facebook post.

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They’re encouraging the “generous anonymous” to come back with their card to get a refund.

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