Language debate dominates Longueuil city council

WATCH ABOVE: Demonstrators gather to protest against Longueuil mayor Caroline St-Hilaire’s comments that council meetings must be conducted in French.

LONGUEUIL – Mayor Caroline St-Hilaire is trying to put an end to the use of English by councillor Robert Myles during council business.

St-Hilaire took direct aim at the Greenfield Park representative during a Tuesday night council meeting arguing French should be the only language used during the sessions.

The mayor has plenty of supporters – dozens turned out at a rally calling for more French to be used in the province.

Some say the use of English in Longueuil is another threat to French language.

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“It’s one thing. Add another, add another, add another and today it explodes,” Éric Bouchard of the Mouvement Québec Français told Global News.

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Myles insisted he will continue to exercise his legal right to address council in both Canadian official languages out of respect for anglophones in the Greenfield Park borough.

Some Longueuil residents are pleased Myles is sticking to his convictions.

”What are we going to come to? Are we going to come to English only in your own home?,” Mary Bodnarok, a St-Hubert borough resident said.

“I mean, it’s ridiculous.”

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