Longueuil mayor says she’s received threats over language spat

Caroline St-Hilaire mayor of the City of Longueuil.
Caroline St-Hilaire mayor of the City of Longueuil. The Canadian Press Images/Mario Beauregard

MONTREAL – Longueuil mayor Caroline St-Hilaire said she has received threats over online comments she made about an opposition politician using English during council meetings.

Longueuil police confirmed they are investigating after St-Hilaire said in a Facebook posting Thursday she’s been subject to hateful insults and bullying relating to a June 23 post about the use of English during council meetings.


In that post, she explained why she was irritated by opposition leader Robert Myles’ insistence on translating everything he said in French into English.

St-Hilaire said Longueuil is legally a francophone city, adding citizens are always served fairly and that language has never been an issue.

The former Bloc Quebecois MP said she’s been the victim of intimidation and she is calling on citizens to avoid disrespectful and hateful comments.

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St-Hilaire said all elected officials have a responsibility to respect the French language and she remained adamant that no amount of intimidation will stop her from serving citizens and protecting the French language.