Jamie Lall releases private texts, confirms restraining order after PC disqualification

WATCH ABOVE: A candidate in the riding of Chestermere-Rocky View has released a series of text messages following his disqualification as PC candidate. Jamie Lall is now running as an Independent. Gary Bobrovitz reports.

CALGARY – A former Progressive Conservative candidate has made public a series of text messages he says prove he was taken out of the race unfairly, and says a restraining order against him was never hidden from the Tories during his vetting process.

Jamie Lall was fighting for the PC nomination in the riding of Chestermere-Rocky View but was mysteriously disqualified just days before a nomination vote was to take place.

Bruce McAllister, a former Wildrose MLA who crossed the floor to the PCs, ended up being acclaimed and Lall has since entered the race as an Independent.

Following a report from CBC News, Lall said the PCs never told him if the fact that a former girlfriend was granted a 2007 restraining order against him due to alleged harassment and threats played a role in his rejection. He said he did not hide the restraining order during the vetting process.

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On Tuesday, Lall spoke to Global News about several text messages he gave to Metro Calgary which he says were sent to him by PC Executive Director Kelley Charlebois before he was disqualified.

One of the text messages reads “I don’t want you in Chestermere” while another states “I think it has more to do with who you are running against than you.”

Lall has also unveiled text messages sent to him by former Justice Minister Jonathan Denis in which he says “they’re doing this [because] Danielle lost” and they “see Bruce losing.”

There’s no indication that McAllister had any connection to Lall’s disqualification.

A text sent by Denis warned Lall not to talk to an individual hired by the PC party to vet potential candidates.

It reads “Buddy, you are being set up. Any further communication is with a lawyer.”

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice has refused to elaborate on why Lall was disqualified.

When reached for comment early on Tuesday, Progressive Conservative Campaign Spokesperson Mike Storeshaw released a statement saying “as we’ve said many times before, the reason for being disallowed from the race has been made clear to Mr. Lall.”

With files from The Canadian Press