Canada Post changes 700 super mailbox locations after outrage

CALGARY – Homeowners continue to be frustrated with locations chosen for community mailboxes in their neighbourhoods.

Canada Post is installing over a thousand super mailboxes around Calgary in 2015 as it phases out door-to-door delivery.

Lorne Shalanski lives on a busy corner along Marcombe Crescent N.E. and says there’s a lot of traffic and parked cars on the street.

“They come speeding through here at all hours. I’ve had a vehicle hit, my neighbours had several vehicles hit over the years.”

He says a super mailbox planned on the corner will create even more congestion and safety concerns.

“People are using the street as a turnaround point, picking up children from school, there are people walking down the pathway. It all bottlenecks and centralizes itself on this corner,” says Shalanski.

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He feels the system set up by Canada Post for the transition is slow and the corporation isn’t listening to alternatives.

Canada Post says it changed over 700 locations across the country last year after concerns from neighbourhood residents.

Nicole Norris had been fighting for weeks to stop a large community mailbox in front of her living room window on the sidewalk outside her house in Cedarbrae.

After inquiries from Global News, she says the are now relocating the box across the street where an old mail carrier drop box once stood.

“They changed their mind,” she said. “You think that you have this good point and you try to compromise with them and they don’t want to hear anything you have to say. Well just don’t give up, because we didn’t, and now they are moving it.”

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