You can play ‘Pac-man’ in Google Maps right now

WATCH ABOVE: Pac-Man is chomping up all the pellets he can through the streets of Canada’s biggest cities and a couple of world landmarks.

TORONTO – Kiss your productivity goodbye – Google has rolled out a new Google Maps feature that allows you to play Pac-Man on almost any street in the world.

So, how do you play? Simply go to Google Maps and find an area with lots of roads – like downtown Toronto or Vancouver – and look for the Pac-Man symbol in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Once you click it, the streets turn into a neon-dotted maze for Pac-Man to run freely.

Here’s Pac-Man in front of Toronto City Hall:

And here’s Pac-Man in downtown Vancouver:

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But beware – this is likely the first of many April Fools related Internet jokes that are bound to make you feel like a fool.

In 2013, Google had some people believing that YouTube was closing down. The same year Google turned Maps into a Pirate-themed treasure hunting map.

And last year, Google claimed it was using its Chromecast streaming service to tap into a new era of “squirrel entertainment.”

In other words, be careful what you read on the Internet tomorrow.

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