2 frozen waterfalls form near New York park’s ice volcano

WATCH: Letchworth State Park’s two major waterfalls are nearly completely frozen over.

GENESEE FALLS, N.Y. – A New York state park that drew national attention for its ice volcano now has a second icy spectacle: a pair of waterfalls that are nearly frozen over.

The Daily News in Batavia reports two of Letchworth State Park’s major waterfalls on the Genesee River are almost entirely encased in ice.

WATCH: Five-storey frozen fountain draws visitors

The frozen scenery is drawing visitors to the 32.5-metre middle falls and the 21-metre upper falls on the southern end of the scenic Letchworth gorge 72 kilometres southwest of Rochester. The river is still flowing over the upper falls through a narrow channel of open water.

The ice volcano is nearby. The geyser-like fountain at the park’s Glen Iris Inn has formed a thick, 15-metre tall ice volcano thanks to one of the coldest February’s on record.


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