Assigned high school system coming to Regina

Beginning in September, families will no longer be able to send their kids to whichever high school they’d like.

Students will instead be assigned to one of Regina Public’s eight high schools in the city.

The decision will be mainly based on which neighbourhood the student lives in.

It’s part of a new high school strategy the board has been working on for two years. It aims to make education more even across the city as they plan for a dramatic increase in enrollment, predicted over the ten years.

“Some of our schools were over capacity or at capacity, and we had other high schools that were under capacity,” said Greg Enion, Deputy Director of Student Achievement. “So, what this model allows us to do is have all our schools all closer to their true capacity.”

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He says they’re working to ensure all of the schools will offer the same curricular and extra-curricular options.

“So it doesn’t matter what high school you attend, all of these options will be available as well as options for enriched programming,” said Enion.

He says parents, students, and school staff were consulted before the decision was made.

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