Supreme Court decision on assisted suicide a relief for Quebec politician

MONTREAL – The Supreme Court decision to knock down legislation banning doctor-assisted suicide has stopped one of the last barriers to Quebec’s own right-to-die legislation.

Bill 52 was passed in June 2014 with a 94-22 vote in the National Assembly.

The Parti-Quebecois MNA who championed bill 52, Veronique Hivon, reacted to Friday’s decision at the National Assembly.

Hivon believes the measured debate in Quebec inspired the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the ban on doctor-assisted suicide.

A moved Hivon thanked those in Quebec who spent five years working on Quebec’s dying with dignity bill.

“Some people went outside of their shell and their comfort to tell us very personal stories. They felt that this debate was so important that they didn’t want to go through that.”

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Quebec’s bill will come into effect in December 2015.

Hivon thanked those who participated in the years-long moving committee for their courage.

“I feel that this courage was amazing for Quebec, but also it led the way for Canada and other countries. I feel so grateful for everyone who took place in the debate.”

Now it will be up to other provinces and the Federal government to decide what their right-to-die legislation will look like.

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