Thieves smash into dozens of vehicles in River Heights

One of 24 vehicles that was broken into in River Heights. Talia Ricci / Global News

WINNIPEG – A Winnipeg neighbourhood was picking up the pieces after a rash of vehicle break-ins.

Police say thieves targeted 24 vehicles overnight Tuesday in River Heights, leaving smashed windows, scattered belongings and angry owners.

“This is the second time in two months that my window has been smashed,” said Renee Edgerton who was notified by police early this morning. “Last time it was both windows, so I’m lucky this time it was just one.”

Thieves broke into parked vehicles on Garwood Ave., Stafford Ave. and Wilton Street. Residents in the area are frustrated and left wondering how to keep their vehicle safe.

“It just ticks you off, people come around and smash things and think nothing of it,” said Bonnie Brown, another victim.

Police sent out a public advisory November 14th warning of a rash of vehicle break-ins that had already plagued the River Heights area.

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“We would encourage people especially getting closer to the holiday season buying parcels and things, secure those in your trunk,” said Const. Natalie Aitken.

Residents told Global News Wednesday that many of them were already taking precautions, and didn’t even have anything of value in their vehicle.

Many people who aren’t insured¬†for smashed windows are¬†left paying for the damages and taking time off work to get it fixed.

Police are still searching for suspects and are asking anyone with information to contact them or Crime Stoppers.

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