Registries accepting credit cards – but there’s a catch

Paying for registry services, like vehicle registration renewals, just got a little easier, and perhaps a little more expensive too.

More and more registries are now accepting credit cards.

The added expense comes in the form of a “convenience fee” on every transaction.

Registries have been reluctant in the past to accept credit cards because of high merchant fees.

So this summer the province approved the use of a third party credit card processing company called “Option Pay”.

At the same time, it allowed the company to charge cardholders a 2.99 per cent fee on every transaction.

The province says customers have other choices if they don’t want to pay the fee.

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But the Financial Consumer Agency says according to MasterCard and Visa rules, merchants cannot charge a fee (surcharge) when you use your credit card.

And the agency says that includes third party processors like “Option Pay”.