Canada Border Services Agency uniforms found in Vancouver dumpster

CBSA uniforms found in the dumpster. Stanley Woodvine

VANCOUVER – The Canada Border Services Agency is investigating after a bunch of uniforms were found in a dumpster in Vancouver.

Local blogger Stanley Woodvine found the box full of uniforms in late June behind his building in the Fairview neighbourhood.

Woodvine says the uniforms were in nearly perfect condition and could easily be used to impersonate a border officer. The uniforms have since disappeared from the dumpster and CBSA confirms they have not been recovered.

In response the CBSA has issued a statement to Global News saying “the CBSA initiated an internal investigation once we became aware of this matter.

Uniforms and badges are issued solely for the exclusive use by CBSA officers in their official duties. When uniform clothing components are no longer acceptable for wear or no longer required, officers shall ensure that any Agency identification is removed from the items before they are discarded.”


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