Moncton shooting: Residents describe police raid

Global News reached out to residents near where police had surrounded a building in search of Justin Bourque, the 24-year-old man suspected of killing three RCMP officers Wednesday evening.

Global News will not report which streets the residents live on, out of respect for police operations, but the individuals were close enough to see the police presence in the area.

Andrew Kelvin said he’s been locked in his home, with his wife and two children since last night.

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His wife learned of the shooting on Facebook.

“We noticed that the SWAT showed up and kicked people out of the parking lot,” he told Global News. “They put pylons at the top of our street.. so they’re kinda blocking out of our area.”

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He said he felt safe in his home and that RCMP were “doing their best.”

“If it was going to get intense, I think they would come by and knock on doors,” he said.

His young children aren’t quite aware of what’s going on.

“My oldest guy, he’s 6. He kind of has an idea.” Kelvin explained to his son that there was “a bad guy” out there and “that’s why the cops are out.”

Kelvin’s not relying too much on social media to get information about what’s going on.

“Some of it you’ve got to take at face value.”

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Euclid Babineau lives in that same area.

He learned of Wednesday night’s events from his son, who lives in Ottawa.

“They were watching the game and the bulletin came on,” he told Global News.

“I’ve been locked in [since]. I don’t want to go out.”

From his window earlier this morning, he saw police move in and crowds start to form.

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“I wouldn’t want to be around there. I’m not that curious to take the chance to get shot,” Babineau told Global News. “They’ve been warning people since this morning to stay home and keep away from the street.”

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