UPDATE: West Kelowna pitbull attack

WEST KELOWNA — A West Kelowna man can take credit for saving a small dog from the jaws of a pitbull.

The attack happened Monday in the Glenrosa area where the pitbull had jumped a fence and attacked a cocker spaniel being walked by its elderly owner.

Brian Wey was driving home from work, coming up Lower Glenrosa Road when he saw two dogs in a driveway.

“As I got to the intersection, I realized there was a pitbull locked on the small dog and the woman had blood all over her face. So, I really didn’t know what I was going to do.”

The blood came from the woman falling during the attack.

Wey jumped out of his car and his instincts took over.

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“I grabbed the pitbull by the collar and put it in my own death grip.”

Wey’s grip on the animal wasn’t enough, so he decided to sit on the dog.

“I got onto the ground and I sat on it and just held it down and kind of half chocked it. It slowly got more calm. The other dog wasn’t in its vision and I was just able to hold it until the police came.”

The police came as did the owner who of the pitbull who says she’s sorry and that she’s doing something about it.

“I have spoken through dog control to the owner about covering the costs of the bills and everything and it’s not going to happen again,” says the owner.

This is not the first time a pitbull has attacked a dog in the Glenrosa area.

Not too far from where Monday’s incident occurred, about two years ago, a pitbull escaped from its fenced backyard and attacked another dog — killing it.

As for Wey, he admits the incident has cost him some sleep, but he’s not calling for the pitbull to be destroyed.

“I’m uncomfortable with the breed. I don’t hate them. Any dog can turn on you.”


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