Newton residents plan a rally to discuss violence concerns

A memorial to Julie Paskall outside the Newton Rec Centre. Jill Bennett / Global News. Jill Bennett / Global News

A rally is being planned Saturday afternoon to let Newton residents raise their concerns about the ongoing violence in the community.

Organizer Laura Parker says the idea for the rally came out of the community meeting that took place this Monday prompted by the beating death of 53-year-old Julie Paskall in Surrey.

The meeting was supposed to address the growing concerns about crime and violence in the community.

“It stirred up a lot of emotion within me,” says Parker. “After the meeting, I kind of felt like there was still a void to fill. I could not think of anything else to try to get my point across but to hold this rally.”

Parker started a Facebook page called “Take Back Our City” and over 40 people have committed to attend so far.

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“I am really shocked at the interest of others,” says Parker. “This started as just an idea. I thought maybe 20 people [will] take interest. There has been so many malicious attacks lately, and as a woman, and a member of society I feel like our voices are silenced.”

Parker lives in Surrey and says she is tired of having to stay at home because she is too scared to go outside.

The rally is scheduled to take place at the Newton bus loop at noon.

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