2 dogs, 18 puppies seized from property in B.C. Interior

A photo of one of the adult dogs and her litter of nine puppies that were seized by the BC SPCA. BC SPCA

The SPCA says it has seized two adult dogs and 18 puppies from a home in B.C.’s Interior.

According to the animal agency, the dogs, taken from a property in Chase, east of Kamloops, were emaciated.

“The dogs received very little, if any, food,” said Eileen Drever of the BC SPCA. “It appears the owner left the dogs and puppies outside to fend for themselves with no visible food or water.”

Click to play video: '30 neglected dogs seized by BC SPCA'
30 neglected dogs seized by BC SPCA

They’re described as being a mix of American bulldog and Labrador retriever, with each adult female having a litter of nine puppies.

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Drever said the 18 puppies were found huddled together in an inadequate and makeshift doghouse surrounded by hazards, including sharp chicken wire.

Two of the 18 puppies that were seized from a property near Chase, B.C., by the SPCA. BC SPCA

She said the two adults had low body scores, with their ribs, hips and spines “clearly visible.”

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Drever added that they were very underweight and were put on a specific re-feeding plan.

The puppies were also described as being underweight, but not as bad as their mothers. They were also said to be suffering from diarrhea and were lethargic when they were taken.

“An animal protection officer observed the puppies trying to suckle, but the moms were so malnourished they did not have enough milk to feed this large number of puppies.”

Click to play video: 'Two dogs need homes after stay at BC SPCA extends to 100 days'
Two dogs need homes after stay at BC SPCA extends to 100 days

All of the dogs will soon be available for adoption.

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However, the two adult dogs are bonded to each other and won’t be separated, meaning adoptees will have to take both.

A photo of one of the emaciated dogs seized by the BC SPCA. BC SPCA

The two are said to be super friendly, with Dever adding “when the animal protection officer came onto the property, they ran up to him wagging their tails.”

The two mothers are currently available for adoption, while the puppies will be available for adoption in approximately one week.

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