June 18, 2014 3:48 pm

New Saskatchewan motorcycle laws in effect

New Saskatchewan motorcycle graduated driver licensing laws are in effect.

File / Global News

REGINA – New motorcycle laws have taken effect in Saskatchewan.

Riders in the motorcycle graduated driver licensing (MGDL) program must now display a placard on their motorcycle plate. Learner riders have to display a red “L” while novice 1 and 2 riders are required to display a green “N”.

Another change is the hours MGDL learners can ride. Riding is not allowed from one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunrise.

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There are also new equipment requirements for those in the program. MGDL riders must now have arms and legs covered, wear hand-covered gloves, boots that cover ankles and an approved three-quarter, modular or full-face helmet.

Starting July 16, people wanting to get a motorcycle learner’s licence must hold a Class 5 or higher license and have either passed a basic ability test or completed an approved motorcycle training program beforehand.

A change that affects all riders is an increase in safe driver recognition and driver improvement program points for certain traffic convictions.

Also, inspections are now required for all motorcycles deemed a total loss or that were most recently registered in another jurisdiction.

The province approved the changes after the recommendations were made by the motorcycle review committee earlier this year.