Global National: Nov. 28

Ontario's hunger crisis is becoming more heartbreaking. As the need for food banks in that province soars, we explain how some people have become so desperate, it's pushed them to consider suicide. China is facing a growing wave of civil unrest as protesters across the country demand an end to the government's strict zero-COVID policy. How people are trying to express their defiance, and how the Chinese government is trying to contain the dissent. The Canadian government is implementing a new Indo-Pacific strategy to shift away from relying on China, Canada's second largest trade partner. The cost, what this could mean for China, how it may respond, and what questions remain of the plan. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pledging $62.5 million for the James Cree Smith Nation in Saskatchewan, after the deadly stabbing rampage in September. How that money will be spent on Indigenous safety and healing projects. Former Vancouver Canucks video analyst Rachel Doerrie has filed a human rights complaint, alleging she was discriminated against by the organization and assistant general manager Émilie Castonguay. The details of Doerrie's claims, and the reaction. Plus, on a wing and a prayer: see the small plane dangling in high voltage power lines for hours. And mind over matter: the Alberta innovation allowing children with complex physical needs to control machines with their minds.