Global National: May 26

Questions are rising over the police response to Uvalde, Texas school shooting that saw 19 children and two teachers killed, as concerns emerge that officers wasted precious seconds to stop it. We look at the timeline of events so far, and what police actions outside the schoolhouse are facing further scutiny. Survivors of the horrifying are also grappling with its aftermath -- we hear from one who's sharing his story of heroic teachers, and how another young survivor used her quick-thinking to survive the brutality. The search continues for more cases of monkeypox in Canada, but will the stigma surrounding the rare virus also pose challenges for tracing them? Plus, Ukrainians share their harrowing stories of atrocities in Kharkiv, Ukraine, as investigators work hard to bring justice to those responsible for war crimes. And goodbye to a goodfella: a look back at Ray Liotta's stellar career after the shocking death of the 67-year-old acting legend.