Global National: May 18

There's more deflation among Canadians over inflation, as the cost of living keeps soaring to record highs. How food prices are taking a bigger bite out of bottom lines, and how some businesses already struggling from the pandemic can't catch a break. Uncertainty is lingering for the almost 1,000 Ukrainian troops who have surrendered to Russia. How Ukraine has already taken action with one Russian prisoner, and how Finland and Sweden's bids for NATO membership are being sidetracked by Turkish demands. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney drops a bombshell after the results of his leadership review are released. Plus, Global News investigates how a single handgun smuggled into Canada is linked to the unrelated murders of two Ontario teens. And the battle of Alberta: the Stanley Cup playoffs adds fuel to the already fiery rivalry between the province's hockey fans, as the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames face off against each other.