10 festive decor ideas for your Canada Day celebration

Festive decor for a fun-filled d'eh!.

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Get ready for the ultimate summer bash brimming with red, white, and a whole lot of Canadian pride! Planning an unforgettable Canada Day party involves a few key ingredients.

For food, a mixed spread of traditional Canadian fare with modern fusions and ethnic cuisine might be a welcoming delight. Imagine a table laden with classics like ketchup chips, BeaverTails, Nanaimo bars, lobster rolls, Hawaiian pizza, Montreal smoked meats, and artisanal Canadian cheeses. Complement these with global delights such as Korean BBQ beef poutine, Jamaican patties, empanadas, and curry meatballs. Keep the festivities lively with a selection of Canadian craft beers, ciders, wines, and pre-made cocktails–and don’t forget the iconic Caesar!

Setting the right ambiance is crucial to elevate the experience. While you curate the perfect playlist, we’ve got the decor covered with these fantastic Canada Day ideas to make your celebration truly unforgettable.


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Add Canada-themed cushions

Swapping cushions is not only one of the easiest ways to update your Canada Day decor, but also provides a comfortable backrest for your guests at the table and outdoor seating.


Add some whimsy to your party with fun pillows that show off Canada’s iconic symbol.


A modern printed design that highlights the country’s vast cultural landscape from coast to coast.
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Consider touches of Canadian plaid

First brought to Canada by Scottish settlers, the red and black plaid, or similar versions of tartan, have made their way from lumberjacks to home decor. From throws to pillows, we love how it reminds us of cozying up by a fire at a cabin or cottage.

Swap out the tablecloth for a table runner that can elevate your table decor without overpowering it.


Wow with a Canadian-inspired tablescape

Be sure to deck out your primary gathering spot with Canadian-inspired accessories like wood-made centrepieces and red and white napkins and plateware.


Display a mouthwatering array of Canadian delights on a stunning charcuterie board that’s bound to wow your guests.
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Make your tablescape really stand out by adding an additional serving tray. Consider placing savoury foods on one platter and sweet foods on the other.


Light up your evening with nostalgic candles made from organic soy wax and a hint of maple. They’ll add a warm glow and a sweet aroma, keeping the party vibes alive well after dark.
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Featuring iconic symbols of Canada, these standout napkins can be used in lieu of plates for all your finger foods. But if plates are needed, this printed design is also available in a paper and and napkin set.
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Create an inviting drink station

Toast to Canada Day with a festive drink station stocked with DIY cocktail and mocktail ingredients, plus a variety of Canadian craft beers, wines and ciders. It’s the perfect setup to keep everyone refreshed and in high spirits!


Add some pizzazz to your drink station with Canada’s colours. You can also use them to dress up chairs, fences and entranceways.


Help your guests beat the summer heat with a flow of cold drinks they can self-serve from a stand-out ice-filled metal tub.
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Perfect for any outdoor gathering, this awesome drink cart comes complete with a bottle opener, ice chest and drain plug, keeping your drinks cool for up to 48 hours.


Turn these food-grade Mason jars into festive drinkware.
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