10 amazing toy storage solutions for a more organized household

Say goodbye to clutter. Get toys organized ahead of the new year.

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The presents have all been opened, and now you’re left with… a bunch of new toys.

You may have tried to declutter before the holidays, but however you slice it, you’re going to have a lot more ‘things’ to put away and not a lot of places to put them.

Whether you’re dealing with stuffed animal overflow or tired of navigating Lego minefields, consider one of these storage solutions.

Toy storage bins

With this set of 12 bins, you can sort and organize as you put things away. Designate a bin for Legos, another for hot wheels, one for nerf balls and even one for your Barbie collection. Since there are no lids, it’s easy for kids to see what’s inside each bin, ensuring they’ll continue playing with all their toys each night.
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Add some baskets to your kids’ room to clear off the floor and create a more organized space. Turn it into a fun holiday project where you and your child sort and organize together. Establish a new routine where, before putting on PJs, they have to place everything back in the baskets.


This Sprouts large storage bin is a win-win for kids. With lots of different animals to choose from, you can close the lid and keep the chaos out of sight. The toy chest keeps its shape, even when empty, thanks to sides reinforced by cardboard.


Packing toys into the closet may seem like a good idea, but it often leaves you unable to open the door. Sort your toys into these clear plastic bins and stack them in the closet for easy access. For added organization, consider using masking tape or a label maker.
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Stuffy overflow

Just when you think you can’t handle one more stuffy. If you’re struggling to find space for your little one in their own bed, try relocating some of the stuffies to their own dedicated bed. It will be a fun adventure for them! This hammock is a playful option, easy to install and equipped with anchors and hooks.


We use a big bin for stuffy overflow in our house. Every couple of months, we rotate the stuffies, and it’s like having a bunch of new friends to get excited about!
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If floor space is hard to come by, consider using one of these organizers for behind the door. With four mesh pockets, your little one can still keep track of where everyone is.
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Lego storage

Lego – it brings hours of entertainment, and somehow, there are pieces throughout every inch of your home. While organizing it may feel overwhelming, it will make playtime more enjoyable and save your feet too. This Amazon bestseller comes with various compartments, and you can stack the boxes and carry them around the house.


If meticulously sorting Lego is a pipe dream, try one of these storage bags. Just place all your little pieces on the mat, then tie it up when not in use. It keeps everything in one place and is easy to store when not in use.


Think outside the box with this double-sided tool organizer. It comes with lots of tiny components for those small pieces that are hard to keep track of. You can move the dividers around to customize the compartment sizes.
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