Cooking gifts under $50 you can score during Black Friday this year

If you know someone who loves to cook, Black Friday is a great time to find deals on small appliances. (Getty/File)

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November is the busiest shopping month of the year for Canadians, which is no surprise considering it’s when many of us begin tackling our holiday gift lists.

It’s also when we can score the best Black Friday deals, which officially takes place on Friday, November 24th.

To make your holiday shopping experience easier (and more affordable) this year, we’ve culled a list of the top Black Friday products under $50 for the cook in your life.


This top-rated appliance takes the guesswork out of achieving the perfect hard-boiled egg. But that’s not all it can do: in addition to cooking up to six hard (or soft) boiled eggs at once, it can also poach eggs and whip up a delicious omelet. It’s the ideal gift for that busy home cook who’s always running behind in the morning.
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Gone are the days of scrambling around the kitchen to find that misplaced egg whisk or spatula. This incredibly handy gift set features 13 cooking utensils crafted from BPA-free food grade silicone, each with a heat-resistant wooden handle. The set includes nine cooking tools (from slotted spoons to kitchen tongs) and four baking tools. Plus, it comes with a large utensil holder for a clutter- (and chaos-) free kitchen.


Any committed home chef will appreciate how freshly ground spices can enhance the flavour of a dish when compared to their pre-ground counterpart. This product is incredibly easy to use, and its removable stainless-steel bowl is dishwasher safe. The device will grind anything from flax seeds to cinnamon sticks and can transform whole nuts into homemade nut flour.


air fryer
Air fryers have become all the rage recently, being recognized as a far healthier alternative to traditional deep fryers (read: very little oil required). Since the kitchen appliance relies on hot air to cook food, it will still provide that crispy, golden texture without compromising on nutrition. The gadget is also incredibly versatile and can cook everything from chicken to veggies to baked goods.
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For the self-proclaimed bartender, standard ice cubes can be all that stands between them and achieving a truly memorable cocktail. This modern mold creates two large crystal-clear ice spheres for a showstopping cocktail experience. The ice spheres also have a slower melting time to help keep drinks cold without diluting the flavour.


If the chef in your life is devoted to cooking with age-old pans marked with scratches and stains, gift them a new starter pan. This non-stick 12.5” frying pan is perfect for virtually any cooking task. Other benefits: it provides optimal heat distribution and is suitable for all stovetops (including induction). It also boasts a wooden handle that stays cool when cooking.
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Rock multi pot
Any appliance that’s versatile enough to eliminate the need for additional cookware is a home cook’s dream. The aptly named Multi Pot can prepare an array of meals while also acting as a food-warmer for events or family dinners. Plus, it’s known to cook dishes more quickly than conventional pots while still using less energy.
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Every chef deserves a high-end kitchen knife in their collection. But it’s only a matter of time until the blade dulls with regular use. This sharpening set is a crowd favourite, featuring two double-sided stone sharpeners (one sharpens the edge of the blade while the other polishes it). The kit also includes two non-slip rubber bases and a bamboo stone holder for added safety.


For the perfect holiday gift set, package the knife sharpening kit featured above with a new professional-grade chef’s knife. This Kitory model has an ultra-sharp steel blade fit for cutting vegetables or slicing through meats and fish. While the average home cook might not splurge on this for themselves, they’ll end up using it almost every day.



It’s safe to say that saving time in the kitchen is a top priority for most of us. This multi-purpose veggie tool seemingly does it all: from chopping and dicing to juicing and spiralizing. It also acts as a hard-boiled egg slicer and can split raw egg yolk from white when needed for baking. Plus, it comes with a vegetable peeler. Bring on the mise en place.
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