UPDATED: Wind storm hits the Okanagan

Many people in the Okanagan are dealing with power outages and damage after a powerful windstorm swept through the region early Monday morning.

‘Mayhem’: Windstorm batters south Okanagan

A windstorm that swept through B.C. hit the Penticton region hard Tuesday night. Watersport instructor Greg Garward called it utter “mayhem.” “We use to have a beach here and now we don’t the waves were coming in so hard.” https://twitter.com/Shelby_Thom/status/867421206856646657 The overnight windstorm battered Penticton’s waterfront; the force of the waves were so strong they eroded...

10 years since major windstorm hit Stanley Park

It's been 10 years since the 2006 storm that destroyed a section of Vancouver's iconic Stanley Park with hurricane-force winds that ripped through and levelled 41 hectares of forest.

From surf’s up to smashed trees: southern B.C. windstorm in pictures

The wind warnings are over, but the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island are still cleaning up after powerful gusts battered the region on Saturday night and Sunday morning. At the peak of the storm, more than 73,000 BC Hydro customers lost power, and the Crown corporation spent much of Sunday clearing broken branches and repairing...