Animals get blessed at West Kelowna church

Animal get blessed at West Kelowna church Animals attended a church service in West Kelowna on Sunday as a local church held a blessing of the animals’ celebration. About a dozen churchgoers brought their pets to St. George’s Anglican Church so they could be blessed. Organizers say the tradition goes back t

Connecticut victims recalled as young children full of life and adults devoted to them

NEWTOWN, Conn. - At the very start of their lives, the schoolchildren are remembered for their love of horses, or for the games they couldn't get enough of, or for always saying grace at dinner. The adult victims found their life's work in sheltering little ones, teaching them, caring for them, treating them as their own. The gunfire Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School left a toll both unbearable and incalculable: 20 students and six adults at the school, the gunman's mother at home, and the gunman himself.