Parody trailer ‘Rob Ford: The Movie’ stars Chris Farley

VIDEO: Full interview with Toronto-based editor Tristan Gough on The Morning Show.

TORONTO – With the Rob Ford scandal continuing to make headlines around the world and providing fodder for late night comics, many have wondered who might play the embattled mayor in a movie adaptation of his life and times.

A new video shows what could have been.

Toronto-based editor Tristan Gough offered his vision for a possible film of the mayor’s exploits and settled on the late Chris Farley, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Toronto’s beleaguered mayor.

Mixing together clips from Farley movies like Black Sheep and the made-in-Toronto Tommy Boy, Gough created the parody trailer Rob Ford: The Movie.

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Gough managed to find footage of a Florida DUI, excessive drinking and shots of Farley running down a woman and falling on a football field.

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The fake movie trailer has been viewed more than 300,000 times on YouTube and is spreading across social media sites.

Gough’s suggested cast for the movie trailer includes Rob Lowe as Alexander Lisi, Brian Dennehy as Doug Ford, and Robert De Niro as Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

VIDEO: Watch the parody trailer for Rob Ford: The Movie

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