Shots of rain have sped up crop growth in some Sask. regions

A canola field near Saskatoon, Sask. Global News/ Ethan Butterfield

Saskatchewan’s most recent crop report says some fields are ahead of normal development for this time of year.

The Saskatchewan government released the crop report for the week of June 20-26.

Bursts of rain followed by hot, dry weather in some areas of the province have proven to speed along production.

“Provincially, 30 per cent of fall cereals, 22 per cent of spring cereals, 22 per cent of oilseed crops and 19 per cent of pulse crops are ahead of normal development for this time of year,” read the report.

Crops in the west central region of the province are the most far along and are looking more normal towards the east.

The report claimed moderate rain and mild temperatures are the only things that will help avoid rapid growth.

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Producers reporting damage over the past week said it came from heat, dry winds, flooding, hail, grasshoppers and gophers.

“Gophers have become a serious problem in many municipalities across the province, with some producers stating that they have lost large portions of the fields to the rodents,” the report read.

Farmers suffering from hail damage reported it was too early to tell if crops would bounce back.

“While moisture was needed, a slow, soaking rain would have allowed crops and soils to absorb the moisture at an acceptable rate,” the report stated.

Haying operations are also getting underway, though they have been delayed in some areas due to moisture and humidity.

“Livestock producers who haven’t had adequate rainfall are reporting their hay crop is less than average for yield but the quality is rated good to excellent,” read the report.

The report showed hay quality is sitting at 20 per cent excellent, 63 per cent good, 13 per cent fair and four per cent poor.


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