FNUniv, URegina partners international with Mongolian National University

The FNUniv and the URegina forms a new first of its kind partnership with the Mongolian National University to collaborate on education, research and culture sharing. Adrian Raaber/ Global Regina

A new partnership among three academic institutions aims to achieve meaningful collaboration on education and research internationally and it includes an Asian Indigenous institution.

The First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) along with the University of Regina (URegina) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Mongolian National University (MNU) to work together which includes promoting Indigenous cultures in Canada and Mongolian cultures in different forms.

In a release, the FNUniv president stated it is with humility that it steps into this agreement with MNU and URegina for reciprocal learning and relationship-building opportunities.

“I look forward to engaging in and supporting the research, academic development, student and faculty exchange opportunities that emerge from this MOU,” said Jaqueline Ottman, FNUniv president.

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“The importance of Indigenous Knowledge Systems is becoming increasingly apparent, and this international collaboration will benefit, not only our institutions, but language and cultural sustainability initiatives globally.”

The collaboration will include joint education and research activities, exchange of academic materials and publications, academic programming including certificates and dual degrees, and leadership practicums.

“Mongolian National University is honoured to be included as a partner of this new agreement with First Nations University of Canada and the University of Regina for promising paths ahead,” said MNU vice-president Christopher Coles.

As stated in the release, the partnership will focus on involving oral and written academic areas of Indigenous language preservation, language research and language revitalization, and creating exchange and study abroad opportunities for students from all three institutions to explore other Indigenous lands, cultures, and educational programs.

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