Edmonton man looks to break bizarre world record at Hypothermic Half Marathon

A local man who briefly held a bizarre world record hopes to reclaim his crown Sunday at the Hypothermic Half Marathon.

David Eliuk’s goal was to set a new world record for how many t-shirts can be worn during a half marathon. Last year, he was unable to have his record verified before another runner set a new mark with 113 shirts.

On Sunday, Eliuk put on 123 shirts for the run, which took him over half an hour. He said he does it for fun and to put a smile on people’s faces, but he doesn’t deny the extra shirts are a challenge.

“Beads of sweat (are) running down my face and we haven’t even started,” he said. “It’s really hot inside. It’s super uncomfortable. It’s about 45 pounds of weight and restrictive. I wouldn’t suggest doing this on a regular basis.”

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Eliuk is hoping to finish the 21.1 kilometre run in around two-and-a-half hours — about an hour longer than it would normally take him to cover the distance with just one shirt on.

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