‘Max Kermanator’, ‘Plowy McPlowface’ some of the names earmarked for 10 of Hamilton’s snowplows

A City of Hamilton snowplow with a new name via a Name the Plow contest. City Of Hamilton

A social media plea from Arkells’s lead singer Max Kerman, to have his name emboldened on one of 10 city of Hamilton snowplows, worked.

An entry based on the Hamilton musician’s name garnered the most votes in a campaign by the transportation operations and maintenance team to pick monickers for its first annual “Name The Plow” initiative.

Staff were looking to residents to choose one of 20 names to adorn the exterior of 10 plows in service.

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With 28,339 votes across all names, Max Kerminatior topped the list of 10 as the number one choice with some 18,700 votes.

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“Plowy McPlowface,” a play on a British polar ship called “Boaty McBoatface,” finished a distant second with just over 2,000 votes.

Voting closed Sunday.

Other successful candidates include:

  • Clearopatra
  • Icekee Wee Wee
  • The Big Leplowski
  • Hamboni
  • Betty Whiteout
  • Mr. Plow
  • Plowasaurus rounded out the top.

The failed choices include:

  • Darth Blader
  • Blizzard Wizard
  • Austin Plowers
  • Eugene Sleddy
  • Melton John
  • The Hamilsnownian
  • Spready Mercury
  • Spongebob Snowpants
  • Sprinkles
  • Olaf

The city says it currently has 77 plows, 115 contracted plowing devices, and 34 sidewalk plows to help clear approximately 6,500 km of roadway, 860 km of sidewalks, 240 km of on-street bike lanes and 2,365 bus stops across Hamilton.


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