Corey Haim’s mother wanted her son’s molester brought to justice

Judy Haim and her son, actor Corey Haim. Supplied

TORONTO — Corey Haim’s mother says she wanted the man who molested her son brought to justice  — but the actor pleaded with her to do nothing.

“I wanted to do something about it,” says Judy Haim, in an exclusive interview with Global News. “I became a mother lion.”

Haim insists she wasn’t aware of the sexual abuse her son suffered when he was 14 years old until he confided in her several years later.

“I said ‘I’m going to help you. Let’s bring him to justice,'” she recalls.

But the actor, then over 18, begged her to do nothing.

“He was afraid for himself, for what people in the industry are going to say about it,” she says. “He was afraid to bring that person to justice. He told me, ‘I just want to leave this one alone.'”

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Corey Haim, who was born in Toronto, died in March 2010. He was 38.

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In his new memoir Coreyography, actor Corey Feldman revealed his former co-star and friend told him he had been molested while working on the 1986 movie Lucas.

“An adult male convinced him that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations,” Feldman wrote. He said Haim and the man would go to a secluded area “and Haim allowed himself to be sodomized.”

Feldman also wrote extensively about his own sexual abuse, including being drugged by an assistant and forced into oral sex.

Judy Haim says when she visited the set of 1997’s Busted, she saw Feldman with the man who had molested both actors.

“I thought, ‘are you crazy?'” she recalls.

Haim said she believes Feldman wrote about her son’s molestation as “payback” for a conversation the two men had in an episode of The Two Coreys in 2008.

Corey Haim confronted Feldman. “You let me get f***ed around in my life, man, raped so to speak, when I was about 14 by a guy you still f***ing hang out with,” he said.

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“Take responsibility. You know exactly what I’m talking about. What did you do when you saw that s**t going down when I was 14? What did you do besides being his best friend? What did you do? Tell us what you did? Lines of cocaine with me. God bless you.”

Judy Haim says the sexual abuse revelations in Feldman’s memoir make her “crazy.”

“He decided to pay my son back after his death,” she says.

Feldman could not be reached for comment.

During an appearance on The View to promote the book, Feldman insisted he wasn’t trying to smear the late actor’s name.

“I’m telling this story because Corey was a victim,” he said. “I need the world to understand that he was a victim. His reality was his altered perception of sexuality. It’s not his fault and he’s not a bad person.”

Judy Haim challenges Feldman to sit down and talk to her about the things he’s written about her son.

“I can go to war,” she says.

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