Corey Haim’s mother lashes out at Corey Feldman and his new memoir

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, pictured in 2007. Getty Images

TORONTO — The mother of the late Canadian actor Corey Haim said Monday she is “stunned and saddened” by statements in a new memoir by her son’s former friend and co-star Corey Feldman.

In Coreyography, Feldman claims Haim confided in him about being sexually molested when he was a young teen.

“I haven’t read Feldman’s book and have no intention to,” Judy Haim said in a written statement she shared with Global News. “If Feldman’s publisher had contacted me I doubt they would have published this book.”

Haim said she has read excerpts from Feldman’s book in which he shares stories about her son, who died in 2010. She dismissed many of his recollections as “slanderous lies.”

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Haim did not deny her famous son was molested.

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“If my son ever wanted to talk about any such things he would have done so himself, but he choose not to,” she said. “He preferred to take it to the grave rather than hurt others, no matter how awful.”

Haim said Corey never considered Feldman to be his best friend, especially in the years before his death.

“What is Feldman trying to accomplish by knocking my kid once again to the ground?,” she said. “But I suppose anyone can write a book about anyone that is dead and gone and not here to defend himself.”

Haim claims Feldman didn’t attend her son’s funeral in Toronto because he couldn’t afford the airfare. In early October, Haim told Global News that Feldman finally visited Corey’s gravesite this past summer when he was en route to a Comic Con event in Niagara Falls.

Feldman and Haim made nine movies together — including The Lost Boys, License to Drive and Blown Away.

Corey Haim’s grave stone at Pardes Shalom Cemetery in Vaughan, Ont. (John R. Kennedy / Global News).

Judy Haim said she chose to let her son rest in peace and she can’t understand why Feldman did not do the same.

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“My family, friends and fans miss him terribly. I as his mother still have a shattered heart. I lost my best friend,” she said. “My son left a great legacy, entertained so many and left many wonderful memories and loved with all of his heart. I will not let Feldman’s senseless accusations to overshadow my life or tarnish my Corey’s memory.”

Greg Harrison, who was a friend of Corey Haim for more than 20 years, told Global News on Monday he has recently had heated conversations with Feldman about the book.

“I do not hate Corey Feldman. he has a right to say whatever he wants to say,” said Harrison. “But there is a certain amount of betrayal and truth that is not his to tell.

“He’s not trying to set Corey Haim’s soul free, as he claims. It’s all about promoting himself because he was very jealous of [Haim].”

Harrison urged Feldman to let Corey Haim rest in peace “and stop hurting his mother.”

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