Police search for man who allegedly offered drugs to group of women in Kingston, Ont.

Kingston Police say the incident happened in the city's west end. Kingston Police

Police are searching for a man who allegedly harassed a group of women in the west end of Kingston, Ont.

At about 10 a.m. on Nov. 9, police say the man approached the group in the parking lot of a plaza near Bath Road and Days Road.

According to police, the man invited the women to his home and said he had drugs there that he would share with them.

“He asked the ages of the young women, and appeared upset when they said that they were in their early 20s, indicating that he believed they were much younger,” say Kingston police in a press release.

“He refused to leave the group alone, and when they attempted to leave the area, he followed them briefly.”

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Police say that as the man was leaving, he offered the women rides to wherever they wanted to go, multiple times.

The suspect is described as having a slim build, with brown hair and a greying beard.

He was wearing a tan fedora with a forward-facing feather, a brown band and multiple pins attached to it.

He was also wearing an unbuttoned shirt that exposed a necklace with a pendant.

He had on a plaid jacket, faded jeans and two-toned rain shoes.

The vehicle he was driving is described as a grey car with black rims, which could possibly be snow tires.

Anyone with information about this man is asked to contact detective Andrew Wilby at 613-549-4660 ext. 6217, or via email at


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