Route of Kitsilano bike lane not finalized yet: Park Board

bike lane sign
File photo. Martin Hazel / Global News

After some Kitsilano residents voiced their frustration with the city over the route of a bike lane that will go through their neighbourhood, the Vancouver park boards says the route has not been finalized yet.

The bike lane is supposed to go through Hadden and Kitsilano Beach Parks.

Some area residents are crying foul because they say a section of the separated path is planned to cut directly though a large green space.

However, the park board says the white chalk lines outlining the route through the park were not painted by them and do not reflect the route the bike lane will take.

In a statement, the board said, “In recent days, there has been considerable concern from community members about the exact route and potential impacts on the park. Recent media stories of the Park Board moving memorial┬ábenches, cutting down large trees and paving large swathes of the grassy fields are completely untrue.

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The final route has not been determined. What the Park Board approved was a preliminary route, which will be followed by an external consultant team developing a specific route that takes into account all uses in the park as well as trees, benches, and picnic areas.”

The board says it will assemble an advisory group to finalize the route.