Smart meter installation begins in Saskatchewan

SaskPower, SaskEnergy to begin installation of smart meters in Saskatoon and around the province. Eric Beck / Global News

SASKATOON – Smart meters have arrived in Saskatchewan.

SaskPower and SaskEnergy have started rolling out advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in the province after completing a series of tests that began in 2012.

The new meters use digital technology and provide information using a secure, two-way wireless communication system.

“AMI technology improves billing accuracy, which will assist our customers in better gauging their monthly energy consumption,” said Doug Kellin, president and CEO of SaskEnergy.

The meters will also enable SaskPower to better react to power outages in the future.

“We’ll be able to integrate into an outage management system, which will help us respond much quicker to outages,” said Lloyd Crookshanks, manager of advanced metering at SaskPower.

SaskPower will be installing almost 500,000 smart meters while SaskEnergy is installing 370,000 natural gas meters. Work is expected to be completed by 2015.

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In 2008, Saskatoon Light and Power started replacing old meters with new ones and expect to have meter replacement completed by 2017.

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