Warm temperatures a challenge at Taste of Saskatchewan

Taste of Saskatchewan underway until July 17th. File / Global News

With temperatures hitting 30 degrees, attendees and vendors at the Taste of Saskatchewan are having to find ways to keep cool.

One attendee says he has three simple ways to stay cool.

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“Put the A/C on in the truck and then just eat some ice cream, some cold pie, stay cool” said Stanley Hajt who was eating ice cream at the event.

Ice cream vendors were busy with long lineups but the heat has an effect on ice cream as well.

A vendor at Botte Chai Bar says his tent has had a bit of trouble with the heat.

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“It was a bit of a struggle yesterday. Coming in today, our ice is melting really fast so we found that our ice cream sandwiches were starting to heat up and melt a little bit, so we had to put a hold on those” said Kayhan Yazdani.

Yazdani says it has gotten easier to cope with the heat and be able to serve cold refreshments.

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“We’ve managed to start coping with that today, we just got heavier ice shipment in, it’s a little hotter today but i think we’re kind of starting to work with it” said Yazdani.

The Taste of Saskatchewan event runs until July 17th with no relief from the heat in sight.

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